Friday, February 20, 2015

Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Having a baby? Congratulations! Being pregnant is one of the most amazing things that can happen in a woman’s life. It can get overwhelming and there is a ton of information that you have to know. But first, you have to keep in mind that being healthy during and after your pregnancy is really important. You have to take good care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Doing these will benefit you and your baby. Keep yourself healthy with these easy tips.

• Exercise daily. Staying active will give you the strength and endurance you need to carry the weight you will gain during your pregnancy and handle the physical stress of labor.

• Always take time to give yourself a break.

• Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

• Never drink alcohol during your pregnancy. It can reach your baby fast and can increase your baby’s risk for serious problems. Drinking also increases the chance for miscarriage and stillbirth.

• Don’t take drugs that aren’t prescribed by your doctor. They may harm your baby.

• Stop smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke. It can increase the risk of premature delivery, miscarriage, growth problems.

Don’t put yourself and your baby at risk. Feel wonderful and healthy during your pregnancy with the helping hands of midwifes from Spartanburg Birth Center.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easy Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy

You need a balanced diet to help your baby get all the nutrients he needs to grow at a healthy rate. It is natural to gain weight during your pregnancy and it is, in fact, healthy. Your body needs to change to be able to help you grow your baby and give him the best start in his life. An average woman needs 300 healthy calories more a day that she did before her pregnancy, which will help achieve the right weight while you’re pregnant. Maximize the nutrition you get and avoid junk food.

Don’t remove fat from your diet, but as much as possible, pick healthy fat. For example, instead of buying a doughnut or any pastry, why not choose avocado? Its monounsaturated fats are better for you, plus, it has vitamins C and K. Eat foods that gives a lot of nutrition. Great picks like yogurt contains calcium, protein and potassium. It is also a good source of probiotics. It is also important to stay hydrated but make sure to stay away from soda and other sugary fruit drinks. They are full of empty calories. Water, milk, and vegetable juices are way better.

Eat smart. Always make sure you are getting a broad range of nutrients. Munch on fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Keep yourself healthy for your baby. If you are considering natural birth, visit Spartanburg Birth Center.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dad as Birthing Coach in Natural Childbirth

Though the overall experience of childbirth is beautiful, it can still be a distressful event for the mother. The mother in labor transforms into someone who has a bunch of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Each part of her body will hurt, and she will be impatient and nervous. In natural childbirth, it is very important for fathers to be there for their wives. If you are a doting husband, make sure that you are also a devoted father from the time your child is brought out to this world.

Daddy’s Cheat Sheet

1. Identify the beginning of labor. Learn to differentiate Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) from the real deal. When the bag of water breaks, observe the frequency and the time intervals of the contractions.

2. Find ways to distract your partner from the pain of the contractions. You can take a walk, watch a movie, or help her fall asleep. Make sure that she gets enough rest before the actual childbirth.

3. Do breathing exercises and various relaxation techniques with your partner during the first stage of labor. This is the time when the contractions become very intense. Coaching is very vital during this phase.

4. The second stage of labor is the actual childbirth. During this time, your job is to make sure that all your partner’s wishes are granted. For instance, if she wants to breastfeed, remind your midwife to hand the baby to your wife to latch. Also, this is the perfect time to document. Take pictures. Those memories will matter a lot to your wife.

5. The last stage of labor is the delivery of the placenta. In this phase, the mother may get chills and feel cold, so it’s advisable that you provide her with warmth. Hold your wife’s hand, or cover her with a blanket as you hold your baby near her. You can also ask the doctor if you can cut the cord to make the experience more unforgettable.

In natural childbirth, you are your wife’s best coach. You are her advocate. This role is vital for your partner to be comfortable and not feel neglected. It’s hard to watch a loved one endure such pain, but being there for her during this time helps take some load off her shoulders. Only you can give her the best encouragements and appreciation for doing something so wonderful for your family. If you need more lessons on how to be an effective birthing coach for your wife, visit the Spartanburg Birthing Center. Childbirth is always a delight, and it becomes more memorable once the experience is shared as a family.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Your Options in Natural Childbirth

Your birthing experience is greatly affected by all the decisions you make from the time you discover that you are pregnant down to the last stages of labor and recovery period. You have quite a few options on how to go about natural childbirth. These techniques have been used for ages and are proven to be successful for those who are allowed to undergo natural childbirth.


The Different Techniques

• The Alexander Technique

As pregnancy progresses, you begin to experience a lot of discomforts. There will be intermittent lower back pains, shortness of breath, and even balance and digestive problems. The Alexander Technique prepares your body for delivery. It comprises of proper ways on how to sit, stand, and move safely, easily, and efficiently. It enables you to breathe better, relax, and focus during birth, but it works best in opening the cervix during dilation to assist you in pushing the baby out.

• The Bradley Method

One of the most popular natural childbirth techniques is the Bradley Method. This method emphasizes the non-involvement of drugs throughout delivery. It primarily focuses on maintaining good nutrition, regular exercise, utilization of relaxation exercises, and the husband’s involvement as birthing coach.

• Lamaze

Basically, the Lamaze method is all about distraction. It aims to decrease your perception of pain and relieve discomforts. This includes controlled deep breathing exercises, concentration, massage, and labor control.

• Water Delivery

Water Delivery has gained popularity over the years for its calming effects. The water’s buoyancy helps in reducing the pressure and discomfort.

Childbirth is beautiful and to know that you can be in total control of the whole experience is even better. But it is important to consult your doctor before you decide on whatever birthing technique. The Spartanburg Midwifery team aims to help you achieve the birth experience that you desire. Call or visit us to know what works best for you, your baby, and your whole family.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Exercises for Easy Pregnancy and Labor

As a mother who chose to give birth naturally, you should be prepared for the pain and the difficulties that may come with it. No labor comes pain-free, but there are ways to make it easier and smoother. Prenatal exercises open the pelvis and position the baby properly. They can help your body prepare for childbirth. They also help deliver the child quicker and safer. Before you perform these exercises, you must consult with certified professional midwives to make sure that it is within your limits depending on your state of pregnancy. 


Walking, Leaning

These are movements that we may not deem as exercises in our non-pregnant state, but they are very helpful in pregnancy. Walking improves your balance. It is also very helpful even minutes before the actual childbirth because of the pull of gravity. Leaning also helps in positioning the baby and preparing your lower body for the rough work during labor.


Proper Sitting

Proper sitting stabilizes your pelvis and strengthens your core as the pelvis tilts forwards when you sit upright. You can also sit on an exercise ball to properly align the pelvis and position the baby optimally. Cross-legged sitting, on the other hand, pushes the uterus forward.

Pelvic Rocks

Pelvic rocks relieve backaches, strengthen abdominal muscles, and make your back flexible. Get down on your knees and hands, keep your head in line with your back. Pull your stomach in with your back arched upward. Hold this position for a few seconds then relax your stomach and back allowing your stomach to sag. Repeat this up to ten times.

There are so many other exercises that you can do to achieve an easy labor and delivery. Visit your midwife at the Spartanburg Birth Center to learn more of these exercises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to try these exercises as long as you are allowed to do them. Pregnancy is tough, but there are ways to make it easier and also more beautiful.

Monday, December 15, 2014

What’s in Your Birthing Bag?

You’re never really sure when your bag of water will break and when you’ll become fully dilated. Even before you hit the 37th week, you should be ready to rush to the birthing center. Your birthing bag should contain everything that you need during and after your childbirth so that when true labor comes, you’ll be all set and organized.

For the Mother

There’s a lot on the list and sometimes it depends on how meticulous you are with your hygiene and other personal preferences. But here’s a quick run-through of the essentials: for proper breast support, pack nursing bras, nursing pillows, and breast pads. These items will cater to your tender breasts and will help you to breastfeed with ease. Bring a robe, socks, hair clips, slippers, and a going home outfit. These clothing items will keep you comfortable. Toiletries are a given and you must not forget to bring sanitary pads as you might still have blood flow. Lastly, bring all the documents, health cards, baby books, and other files that you will need.

For the Baby

There’s no doubt that you already have a closet full of new clothes for your newborn, but not everything should be in your birthing bag. Remember to bring only the essentials: hat, socks, mittens, receiving blankets, diapers, and a going home outfit. Also, you have to be ready with lots of wipes and an infant car seat and head support because you won’t be discharged from the hospital if you don’t have one.

You partner and your older children might also want to stay with you in the birthing center. You can also pack a separate bag for them. It’s very important to be ready so that your birthing experience will be smooth and convenient. If you need more help with your preparations, you can visit our Spartanburg Birth Center.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Wonders of Hiring a Doula

Being a mother is an experience that is incomparable to anything in a person’s lifetime. To be a person who brings life and new beginnings in this world. As a mother, you want to make this journey to be as safe, fun, enjoyable, and memorable to you and to the people around you. Luckily, there are services and institutions that can give you assistance and help while going through the motherhood journey. One of these is a doula.

The Concept of a Doula

A doula by definition is a trained labor coach who give assistance throughout your pregnancy, giving birth, and even after giving birth. Emotional support and assistance on other non-medical aspects of caring for you and your child is what a doula is all about.

Doulas should not be mistaken as the same as midwives because unlike midwives, doulas are not medical professionals and do not deliver babies. The only thing that they do is to give emotional and physical support to women.


What You Can Get from Hiring a Doula

Having a doula with you all throughout your pregnancy journey can be very beneficial in many ways. One of them is that your doctor might be grateful for the doula’s help. Not only does the doula assist you in your pregnancy, it also helps the doctor in keeping you healthy from being pregnant to giving labor. Another one is that you can have your doula as an information source. Asking a doctor about pregnancy may be difficult from some mothers. Doulas give emotional support and that’s why mothers can feel more comfortable in asking the doulas about advices and questions about pregnancy and giving birth.