Monday, December 22, 2014

Exercises for Easy Pregnancy and Labor

As a mother who chose to give birth naturally, you should be prepared for the pain and the difficulties that may come with it. No labor comes pain-free, but there are ways to make it easier and smoother. Prenatal exercises open the pelvis and position the baby properly. They can help your body prepare for childbirth. They also help deliver the child quicker and safer. Before you perform these exercises, you must consult with certified professional midwives to make sure that it is within your limits depending on your state of pregnancy. 


Walking, Leaning

These are movements that we may not deem as exercises in our non-pregnant state, but they are very helpful in pregnancy. Walking improves your balance. It is also very helpful even minutes before the actual childbirth because of the pull of gravity. Leaning also helps in positioning the baby and preparing your lower body for the rough work during labor.


Proper Sitting

Proper sitting stabilizes your pelvis and strengthens your core as the pelvis tilts forwards when you sit upright. You can also sit on an exercise ball to properly align the pelvis and position the baby optimally. Cross-legged sitting, on the other hand, pushes the uterus forward.

Pelvic Rocks

Pelvic rocks relieve backaches, strengthen abdominal muscles, and make your back flexible. Get down on your knees and hands, keep your head in line with your back. Pull your stomach in with your back arched upward. Hold this position for a few seconds then relax your stomach and back allowing your stomach to sag. Repeat this up to ten times.

There are so many other exercises that you can do to achieve an easy labor and delivery. Visit your midwife at the Spartanburg Birth Center to learn more of these exercises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to try these exercises as long as you are allowed to do them. Pregnancy is tough, but there are ways to make it easier and also more beautiful.

Monday, December 15, 2014

What’s in Your Birthing Bag?

You’re never really sure when your bag of water will break and when you’ll become fully dilated. Even before you hit the 37th week, you should be ready to rush to the birthing center. Your birthing bag should contain everything that you need during and after your childbirth so that when true labor comes, you’ll be all set and organized.

For the Mother

There’s a lot on the list and sometimes it depends on how meticulous you are with your hygiene and other personal preferences. But here’s a quick run-through of the essentials: for proper breast support, pack nursing bras, nursing pillows, and breast pads. These items will cater to your tender breasts and will help you to breastfeed with ease. Bring a robe, socks, hair clips, slippers, and a going home outfit. These clothing items will keep you comfortable. Toiletries are a given and you must not forget to bring sanitary pads as you might still have blood flow. Lastly, bring all the documents, health cards, baby books, and other files that you will need.

For the Baby

There’s no doubt that you already have a closet full of new clothes for your newborn, but not everything should be in your birthing bag. Remember to bring only the essentials: hat, socks, mittens, receiving blankets, diapers, and a going home outfit. Also, you have to be ready with lots of wipes and an infant car seat and head support because you won’t be discharged from the hospital if you don’t have one.

You partner and your older children might also want to stay with you in the birthing center. You can also pack a separate bag for them. It’s very important to be ready so that your birthing experience will be smooth and convenient. If you need more help with your preparations, you can visit our Spartanburg Birth Center.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Wonders of Hiring a Doula

Being a mother is an experience that is incomparable to anything in a person’s lifetime. To be a person who brings life and new beginnings in this world. As a mother, you want to make this journey to be as safe, fun, enjoyable, and memorable to you and to the people around you. Luckily, there are services and institutions that can give you assistance and help while going through the motherhood journey. One of these is a doula.

The Concept of a Doula

A doula by definition is a trained labor coach who give assistance throughout your pregnancy, giving birth, and even after giving birth. Emotional support and assistance on other non-medical aspects of caring for you and your child is what a doula is all about.

Doulas should not be mistaken as the same as midwives because unlike midwives, doulas are not medical professionals and do not deliver babies. The only thing that they do is to give emotional and physical support to women.


What You Can Get from Hiring a Doula

Having a doula with you all throughout your pregnancy journey can be very beneficial in many ways. One of them is that your doctor might be grateful for the doula’s help. Not only does the doula assist you in your pregnancy, it also helps the doctor in keeping you healthy from being pregnant to giving labor. Another one is that you can have your doula as an information source. Asking a doctor about pregnancy may be difficult from some mothers. Doulas give emotional support and that’s why mothers can feel more comfortable in asking the doulas about advices and questions about pregnancy and giving birth.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Natural Childbirth is All About

Giving birth the natural way is something that all expecting mothers are either excited and curious about or afraid to even think about. Due to the development in the field of medicine, women are now given the chance to choose if they will give labor through natural birth or through caesarian operation. Through this blog post, we will give you an overview on what natural childbirth is all about.

Natural Birth: Why Do it?

Natural birth in the strictest sense is child labor without receiving any medication or medical procedures. Some mothers would say that giving birth naturally is like adding up to a woman’s burden. The pain will always be there and the procedure will sometimes be longer than usual. However, we should see natural childbirth in a different light. Child birth gives women the chance to feel more as a mother. You will feel more connected to your child as you bring him out into the world.

Keeping the Fear At Bay

Fear is the most common notion that comes first in the minds of many when it comes to natural childbirth. If ever you encounter people who pushes you to not go to natural childbirth because of the pain, do not listen to them. Prepare yourself in giving birth. Labor will be painful but your body is biologically designed to overcome that pain. Do exercise, have a walk, jog, keep moving. This will help you prepare your body for the upcoming labor. Just focus on what is going to be at the end of this journey and that is your child.

If you have any questions regarding natural childbirth, don’t hesitate to address your concerns to the committed midwives at the Spartanburg birth center.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Comfort Measures for Labor

Pain is perhaps one of the most frightening things about natural labor and childbirth. You simply can’t escape it. Using different comfort measures during the labor phase is a must. These measures may not be enough to take all the pain away, but they can help manage and minimize it so you can carry on with the whole childbirth process without medication. 

Types of Comfort Measures

First, gather tools that will make you comfortable. Put them together in a small bag for easy access. For instance, take with you a tea that you enjoy most, your favorite pillow or book, or maybe a scented candle that will make you feel at ease. Bring with you these things to help you relax during labor. Secondly, learn labor positions. Combine them and also be flexible because your baby also changes position as time goes by. Be familiar with the different positions as particular movements can be used to ease particular pains. Lastly, find an effective support group. Find a dedicated birthing center with a team that understands the beauty and challenges of natural childbirth. Orient your husband and learn about natural birthing comfort measures together. Nothing is as effective as a tight grasp and encouraging and loving words from your husband.

Natural childbirth will hurt. Labor will be tough. But as your pain level goes up a notch higher as your baby comes, you will surely see the beauty of it all. There must be a good reason why pain is a given element in this phenomenon. There are more comfort measures that are available. If you need to know more about them, you can simply ask for suggestions from the committed midwives at the Spartanburg birth center. Just as our name stands, we encourage you to acknowledge this labor of love, but rest assured that we are all in this together.

Do’s and Don’ts in Natural Childbirth

It may have taken a long time before you finally came to the decision of birthing naturally. There are lots of medical interventions available for labor and delivery to be pain-free and more convenient for both the mother and the baby and choosing to give birth without medical intervention is truly a brave decision. Pregnancy and childbirth are two most wonderful events in a woman’s life. Though it may be difficult, it remains to be beautiful. Here are some helpful guidelines on how to go through natural childbirth smoothly. 


The Do’s in Childbirth

Do find a sympathetic practitioner and a supportive birthing environment. You will inevitably experience lots of nuances in natural birthing. Look for a practitioner who will be as dedicated as you in your journey of natural birth. A midwife manages the entire birth and so finding one who is committed to your natural childbirth is important for it to be successful. Do expect that you would want to quit because all women reach that point. This is why it is important for you to learn physical and mental coping techniques to attain your goal of succeeding in giving birth naturally. 


The Don’ts in Childbirth

Don’t listen to unsuccessful stories. The last thing you want to have is a negative mindset that it will all turn out wrong. Trust your birthing center and support group. Fill yourself up with positivity just as other people around you do. Focus on making the whole birthing experience positive. Be optimistic that it will be a success. Don’t forget your partner’s needs. Your husband is experiencing as much pressure as you do. They also get worn out during the process so it is important that you also give him the reassurance. After all, you’re both in this together.

If you need more information and tips on natural childbirth, the Spartanburg midwifery team is very open and enthusiastic to address your concerns. Natural Childbirth is not easy, but every bit of pain is going to be worth it.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What to Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best time to eat right and adopt better eating habits. The best foods for pregnant women are the best foods for everyone. But there are certain foods that provide the nutrients you need to give birth to the healthiest baby.

Eat just enough. If you start your pregnancy with a healthy weight, you need to add only 300 extra calories per day to your diet. The ideal weight to gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 pounds, unless you’re carrying multiples.


Pregnancy Essentials

Protein is the foundation of any healthy diet. It keeps your blood sugar stable and your hunger at bay. Some of the best proteins for pregnant women are eggs, lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, beans and nuts. In addition, flaxseeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. They help metabolize fat-soluble vitamins like A and E, which are critical for the development of your baby’s eyes and brain.

Iron found in lean beef is an important component of blood cells to add iron to your and your baby’s blood volume. Iron builds up the brain by strengthening nerve connections. Dark, leafy greens, beans, lentils and tofu are also good sources of iron. 

Eating colorful fruits and vegetables ensures that you and your baby get a variety of nutrients. If you expose your baby to nutrients from a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables in the womb, you’ll increase the chance that it will recognize and accept those flavors later on.

While you are improving your ways of healthy eating, your efforts to have the birth experience you desire will bear fruit naturally.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Preparing your Body for Childbirth

As your body changes during pregnancy, you become more cautious with your movements to avoid hurting yourself or your baby. If you’re a first-time mother and wondering if exercise is permitted during pregnancy, the answer is yes. Exercise does wonders during pregnancy; it boosts mood, improves sleep and reduces preeclampsia. Unless your pregnancy is high-risk, it is best to moderate movements.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise prepares your body by strengthening the muscles and building endurance. The ideal workout gets your heart pumping, keeps you limber, and prepares your muscles without causing undue physical stress on you or the baby. Make sure you consult your healthcare provider before adopting an exercise regimen.

Cardiovascular, Flexibility and Strength

Walking is one of the best exercises for pregnant women. It keeps you fit without straining your legs, knees and ankles.

Walking at least 20 minutes a day is safe throughout the duration of pregnancy.

Swimming is an ideal exercise for pregnant women because it exercises both large muscle groups, provides cardiovascular benefits, and provides a low-weight, low impact environment in water.

Low-impact aerobics and dancing strengthen your heart and tones your body. Joining a class with other pregnant women ensures that each movement is safe for you and your baby.

Yoga helps in keeping your joints flexible and it can also strengthen your heart.

Stretching keeps your body limber and relaxed to prevent muscle strain and cramping. Add stretching to your cardiovascular exercises to get a complete workout.

If you take the necessary precautions and use good technique with slow and controlled movements, these exercises will help you handle your pregnancy with ease and comfort.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Birth Center or Hospital: Which One to Choose?

From the moment a woman realizes she’s pregnant, she has, more often than not, already decided where she would be welcoming her baby. Traditionally, more mothers are bound to choose a hospital, but options like an accredited birth centers are becoming more popular today. Both establishments have their pros and cons and for something as special as the birth of a child, making an informed decision the only way to go.

A Traditional Hospital Birth

Most parents are more comfortable in a hospital setting. The access to emergency medical care is
easy and an epidural is readily available when needed. It is also common to have a nurse with the mother through most of the labor, while the obstetrician comes in when delivery time comes closer. The downside to a hospital birth, however, is the impersonal interaction with the staff. Most mothers are forced to comply with strict rules and policies, which makes it intimidating and uncomfortable.

A Birth Center Delivery

A birth center is an alternative for parents who want a home-like environment for childbirth instead of a hospital. Places like the Spartanburg Birth Center offer tranquility and comfort while still providing quality mother and child care. A birth center is also less expensive than a hospital. It is important to note that mothers should have an uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancy because some birth centers are not equipped with an operating room for emergency care.

It takes careful consideration and planning before choosing a birthing place. Always have yourself, your comfort zone, and your baby in mind. Remember, an informed decision is the best decision.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Delivering with a Doula

The birthing process is scary and no mother wants to go through it feeling insecure… most especially when there are complications to be expected. During these situations, a birthing coach or a “doula” is an option expecting mothers can consider. These ladies provide extra support in the emotional, physical, and informational sense. Doulas help women through the challenges of childbirth, particularly during labor. They serve as a pillar of strength and support for expecting mothers and fathers alike throughout the whole pregnancy. A doula is fully dedicated to all of an expecting mother’s needs: after all, their name does mean “women’s servant” in Greek.

Benefits of Having a Doula by Your Side

Although a doula is not yet common practice in hospitals, there have already been several studies showing the positive effects of employing doulas. During childbirth, mothers experience shorter labors and fewer complications. The rates of caesarean deliveries, the need for oxytocin for faster labor, and the use of force are also all greatly reduced. Mothers in labor are also confident enough to decline the use of pain medication and epidurals when there is a doula by their side.

More mothers are satisfied with their childbirth and experience less postpartum depression after leaving the hospital or birth center. Because of the doula’s constant support and attention for the mothers, babies stay in the hospital for a shorter period and cases of special care are reduced. Mothers and babies are then able to bond faster through breastfeeding.

Doulas and Birth Centers

Pregnancy is a delicate time for a mother and her child. It’s important to find a right place and the right people as a support system. A place like the Spartanburg Birth Center and a doula by your side can give you the comfort and peace of mind you need when you’re in labor.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Best Breathing Exercises While in Labor

Have you noticed that all hospital bedsides have oxygen tanks beside them? It’s hospital protocol to always have the patient prepare an oxygen cannula or mask. Why is this so? It’s simply because the fastest and easiest way to start relieving pain is to provide oxygen. For mothers who opt to give birth at home or at the birthing center, you can do away with the irritating cannula if you know how to do proper deep breathing. 

Here’s a little bit of medical information. When we breathe deeply, a surge of oxygen enters our body. It buffers acid wastes and toxins in our body and also pushes fluid out of our tissues. This results to better oxygen-nutrient exchange. Usually, though, when one feels pain, we breathe shallowly. It doesn’t help. Breathing deeply relaxes our muscles and reduces the stress. This is very helpful for mothers who are experiencing excruciating contractions in short intervals. 

For mothers in labor, deep breathing lessens the pain and makes them more relaxed. Aside from these, it also provides self-control and increases their strength and energy which they need during the second stage of labor where they push the baby out. 

Inhale while thinking of the syllable “re” and exhale while you think “lax”. This breathing technique reduces the tension in the muscles when one is stressed. Next is counted breathing where you count to four as you breathe in and do the same when you breathe out. Lastly, you can do pursed lip breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth with your lips pursed. 

It’s better to practice doing these breathing exercises while you’re still expecting. It would be easier for you to apply them the moment actual labor begins. If you’re planning to give birth at home or at a birthing center, you can always have someone to coach you. The Spartanburg midwifery team is more than willing to teach you proper breathing techniques. Being ready for labor makes everything better. Remember that it also prevents complications from happening. If done right, you wouldn’t need to give birth in the hospital and you can have the natural childbirth that you’ve been aiming for.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Keep Calm and Breathe through the Pain

Breathe in; breathe out. A new life is about to be welcomed into the world. Before you can hold your baby in your arms, there are still a lot of challenges you have to go through, but we know that it’s all worth it in the end. The most pressing and perhaps the most daunting aspect of child birth is the labor a mother has to go through. After all, it’s not called labor for nothing.

It is a well-known fact that pain is synonymous with childbirth, but it’s not something to fear, especially when you’ve come prepared and ready for the hours of labor to come. The first thing to keep in mind when you’re going through labor, especially if you are a first-time mother-to-be, is to relax. Next is to find an environment that’s soothing and comfortable for you during this time, while at the same time securing a team of capable experts that you can trust.

It is also true that some mothers are actually wary about giving birth in a hospital because it’s not a comfortable place where they feel safe and secure. This is why more and more expecting mothers and couples opt for the option like the Spartanburg Birth Center where they know they are both in good hands of professionals while remaining in a place that feels like home.

Giving birth is no easy task and managing the pain that comes with it can get exhausting, but don’t keep it all to yourself. Talking to someone you trust and rely on can help you calm your fears. Practice your rhythmic breathing and focus on something that makes you happy during contractions, this can take your mind off the pain.

Just relax, breathe, and surround yourself with people you trust. Before you know it, you’ll be cradling that bundle of joy you’ve been expecting for 9 months.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When Spartanburg midwifery specialists make childbirth comfortable

Every mother wants the arrival of their newborn to be without hassle. Even your mom’s stories about how they gave birth to you can pale in comparison to what you or someone you know will experience when in labor. However, medical trends are shifting from delivering at hospitals with help from gynecologists to smaller healthcare centers in the hands of people like Spartanburg midwifery professionals. There are a number of reasons to enlist the services of a midwife.


Devotion, Dedication

Midwives are trained to look after mothers with low risk of miscarriage; as such, they are tasked with spending a lot of time addressing your needs during and after the pregnancy. They are willing to answer important questions and give you and your partner enough space to take stock of the answers and arrive at a decision. In many cases, the father should also be present as midwives will also guide them on vital points.


Woman’s Intuition

A woman’s natural tendency is to feel safe around fellow women – and a mother-midwife relationship is no different. Their presence may calm the mother during critical stages of the pregnancy; it can be a bonus if the midwife is also a mother. A team of midwives you entrust with your welfare at a credible Spartanburg birth center can pull together to ensure your pregnancy is stable, like a doting set of elder sisters. Motherhood is an exciting time to prepare for. Your preferred midwife will help you through the process.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Have a Spartanburg Birth Center Help with Your Natural Childbirth

Giving birth to your child is a special occasion. For many women, this is usually done in hospitals with the assistance of doctors and medication. Admittedly, labor and the birth itself can be a painful experience. However, quite a few pregnant moms have eschewed anesthesia and decided to go for natural childbirth.

The Benefits

Deciding to undergo natural childbirth may seem foolhardy in this day and age, but doing so has several hidden benefits. First, without an epidural dulling the pain, labor is shorter. This is because the contractions help indicate the best times to push. Second, there is less chance of the need for medical intervention. Modern anesthesia disrupts the flow of labor and can necessitate the need for a C-section or similar methods.

Third, babies are born more alert; this is because the epidural that is often given to mothers is passed on to their children during labor. With more aware babies, breastfeeding can start earlier. Fourth, women can recover quicker. Anesthesia can put new mothers under a haze, while the natural endorphins produced by childbirth help calm them down and relieve pain naturally.


Preparing for It

For women who want to have a natural birth, there needs to be a bit of preparation. First, a birth plan is needed to ensure it goes smoothly. The plan should answer where you want to give birth and who will be attending you, whether it is a midwife or a doctor. An excellent example of a place to have your natural birth is the comfortable Spartanburg birth center, Labors of Love. Staffed with experienced midwives, it is a fine choice.

Secondly, a mother should prepare themselves for the birth emotionally, physically, and mentally. This is done by consulting midwives and reading about natural birth. Additionally, there are Lamaze classes that help ready women for the experience.

Be Natural

For South Carolina residents seeking assistance with their natural childbirth, the experienced Spartanburg midwifery of the staff at Labors of Love can help make things easier. So do not hesitate in choosing nature’s option.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a Natural Childbirth at Spartanburg Birth Center Means to Mothers

Some mothers-to-be can’t help feeling fear over the thought of giving birth, and how childbirth is portrayed in pop culture has not exactly helped alleviate the fear of these moms-to-be. Parents have an option to give birth at a hospital setting. A natural childbirth at a Spartanburg birth center is also an option, and here are the advantages these moms-to-be can expect.

Freedom of Movement

Unlike hospital settings where the moms-to-be are asked to lie on their backs in hospital beds, natural childbirth allows them to move as freely as they choose to. This way, these would-be parents can use gravity to their advantage. Of course, an experienced midwife will still be there to assist these individuals and get whatever they need.

All-out Involvement

Giving birth in Spartanburg hospitals allow pregnant women to choose medications so they can manage the pain associated with childbirth. However, such medicines limit their senses and make them feel groggy to the point that they are unclear on what is happening to them. With natural childbirth at a Greenville birth center, moms-to-be have an opportunity to be involved 100 percent in the process, making them empowered.

Quick Recovery Time

With medications like epidurals, moms-to-be take time to fully recover and get back to their old self at which time they miss out on special moments. With natural childbirth with a midwife’s help, these moms are quick to bounce back; some can even take a walk right after giving birth if they so please. For this reason, these women who just gave birth can get right on with spending time with their precious babies and maybe even take a selfie or two for their social network accounts. After all, giving birth is a life-changing event.

Labor is not exactly a walk in the park, but it should not be such a struggle either. While hospital settings give moms plenty of options when it comes to medications, the potent effects can result in mothers not fully experiencing what labor is like. For this reason, natural childbirth is a good and equally safe alternative, but it affords priceless benefits.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spartanburg Birth Center to Alleviate Strain on U.S. Healthcare System

For Mothers who’ve been undergoing a decent, healthy pregnancy, a hospital birth isn’t really an option if the child could be delivered within the familiar comforts of the home and the community. Couples feel a greater sense of camaraderie, friendship and community joy, and are entirely free to choose when and who could see and hold the baby in their arms, as opposed to most hospitals with their uptight restrictions.

If you’re an expectant mom wanting a home birthing within your community in Spartanburg, a birth center is your best bet. Specialized birthing centers are designed to exhibit the authentic feeling of giving birth within the familiar surroundings of home, while not compromising health care quality for both mother and child. Picking the most reputable center in your area wouldn’t be easy, but still can be done by taking note of several important details.


Factors to Consider in Choosing a Birth Center

Before choosing a birth center, always ask questions. Confirm if the birth attendants working with the center are licensed health care providers (i.e. physicians, nurse-midwife, and licensed midwife). Of course, you wouldn’t like being tended to by an inexperienced, unlicensed attendant when bringing the baby about.

 If possible, ask the center if they are duly accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. A licensed Spartanburg midwifery and birthing center is likely to have top-notch facilities, health care practices, and customer recommendations. Aside from the basic health care facilities, they are recognized for their adequate safety amenities like fire hazards, smoke alarms, and emergency exits/plans. This way, your safety is assured in case something suddenly goes awry.

 As soon as the basic concerns are met, the expectant couple should be allowed an orientation and tour of the entire center. Take note of the facility’s cleanliness, organization, health care specifications, and if the staff are both professional and friendly. Once the final expectations are fulfilled, it’s time to get down to business and plan for the big day.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What to Expect When You're Expecting... to Give Birth in a Birth Center

Despite all its known advantages, there would still be moms or couples that couldn’t bear the prospect of giving birth in a hospital. Sometimes, it would even be looked at as a place reserved for sick people, which can ruin the mood of the momentous occasion of childbirth. However, delivering a baby at home may not be so appealing either; the lack of professional health care can lead to increased risks.

So, where do picky moms go from here? The answer is simple: a birth center. Cozier and more relaxed than a hospital setting but not lacking adequate health care facilities, the birth center is a great choice for expectant mothers who have undergone fairly healthy pregnancies.

What to Expect From a Birth Center-Based Childbirth

For hopeful couples living in bustling cities like Spartanburg, a birth center is their best bet if they’re looking for an “in-between” child delivery. Designed to be less restrictive and cheaper than hospitals, birth centers do not compromise healthcare quality. Licensed physicians, midwives and/or nurses are all available to tend to Mommy and baby at a moment’s notice.

Generally, only women with low-risk pregnancies are admitted into a birth center in cities like Spartanburg, with midwifery a readily-accessible healthcare option (if a physician or nurse isn’t available). Healthy pregnancies often result in smooth childbirth, and if such an event occurs, the family is allowed to go home shortly–maybe even a few hours–after delivery. They can stay longer, too, if they would like to rest for a bit.

Immediate medical assistance is available if needed, but only for minor concerns. After all, while birth centers can offer a choice of transfer to a hospital, they’re mainly about happy, smooth deliveries, not to mention sending the family home to be with each other from day one. In the end, minimal birthing complications and a happier day is what everyone aims for, right?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guidelines in Choosing the Best Available Spartanburg Birth Center

For Mothers who’ve been undergoing a decent, healthy pregnancy, a hospital birth isn’t really an option if the child could be delivered within the familiar comforts of the home and the community. Couples feel a greater sense of camaraderie, friendship and community joy, and are entirely free to choose when and who could see and hold the baby in their arms, as opposed to most hospitals with their uptight restrictions.

 If you’re an expectant mom wanting a home birthing within your community in Spartanburg, a birth center is your best bet. Specialized birthing centers are designed to exhibit the authentic feeling of giving birth within the familiar surroundings of home, while not compromising health care quality for both mother and child. Picking the most reputable center in your area wouldn’t be easy, but still can be done by taking note of several important details.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Birth Center

Before choosing a birth center, always ask questions. Confirm if the birth attendants working with the center are licensed health care providers (i.e. physicians, nurse-midwife, and licensed midwife). Of course, you wouldn’t like being tended to by an inexperienced, unlicensed attendant when bringing the baby about.

If possible, ask the center if they are duly accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. A licensed Spartanburg midwifery and birthing center is likely to have top-notch facilities, health care practices, and customer recommendations. Aside from the basic health care facilities, they are recognized for their adequate safety amenities like fire hazards, smoke alarms, and emergency exits/plans. This way, your safety is assured in case something suddenly goes awry.

As soon as the basic concerns are met, the expectant couple should be allowed an orientation and tour of the entire center. Take note of the facility’s cleanliness, organization, health care specifications, and if the staff are both professional and friendly. Once the final expectations are fulfilled, it’s time to get down to business and plan for the big day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Considerations before Securing Midwifery Assistance in Spartanburg

While obstetrician-gynecologists are usually the people to see whenever a baby is nearing due, do not forget that an aptly skilled and experienced midwife can also provide relevant health care to an expectant mother during her childbirth – especially if the delivery is planned to be at a birthing center or home setting. Mothers who’ve had no significant complications during their entire pregnancy often opt for a home birthing since it is cheaper, more natural and allows for more time to spend with their babies once they have delivered.

However, hiring either a freelance or a birth center-affiliated midwife needs considerations beforehand. For freelancers, it is important to interview a prospect to gauge if she would be a proper fit. Questions can range from her personal life, educational background and relevant experience – pretty much like conducting a job interview on a new applicant.

It is a different situation for an affiliated midwife. Any reputable birth center in Spartanburg and other areas have in-house midwives with adequate training and experience under their belts. Usually, while consulting a center’s services, they will ask couples to choose from their roster. Interviews ensue to make sure that either one of their choices would suit their needs once the baby is due, much like the process for selecting a freelancer.

Next, it’s time for money talk – in this case, service fees. Always expect that a freelance practitioner or someone affiliated with those like Spartanburg’s midwifery and birth centers charge lower fees than a hospital-based physician. The nationwide average flat-fee for midwives range from $1,500 to $5,000. In addition, freelancers charge less than birth-center affiliated practitioners. Deals are often closed thru a signed contract.

Remember that hiring a midwife doesn’t necessarily compromise a mother and her child’s safety. Midwives are licensed professionals trained about the rigors and ways of childbirth, and always be assured that the experts they are, they will churn out efficient service 9.5 times out of 10.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Factors of Birthing via a Birth Center in Greenville or Other Areas

Delivering a healthy baby is one of those greatest dreams for a mother – along with the desire to keep both herself and the child safe. A safe delivery usually means a week’s stay in the hospital on average; under the watchful eye of experienced doctors and nurses willing to respond to mommy and baby’s needs at a moment’s notice.

However, this option would sometimes be ditched for natural childbirth – a home birth, if you will. Some mothers have preferred this method, and fortunately, reputable birth centers like in Greenville or other areas offer that very choice without compromising safety. Usually, women who’ve had no significant complications during pregnancy choose to deliver their child in the comfort of a home environment. Attended by trained midwives, mothers delivering their children in birthing centers are still entitled to advantageous privileges, as much as what hospital physicians and facilities can provide.

In out-of-hospital births, parents have all the control over the delivery. They are freer to move around, call friends and relatives in to visit, and even do their normal daily activities. Hospitals would often enforce strict rules as to when the parents can see and hold their baby, and whoever is authorized to see them at specific times. Birth centers in Spartanburg and all other areas do not implement such strict rules.

One main factor that prompts mothers to choose a birthing center is the sense of community and fellowship. The feeling of having your relatives, friends and close neighbors by your side through the entire delivery process gives a strong sense of social security and familial bond. This is mainly due to most women’s desire to give birth to their child within a familiar environment. Aside from this, birth centers charge lower service fees – this bit’s pretty self-explanatory.

However, always remember that in planning an out-of-hospital birth entails adequate knowledge about the condition of the pregnancy. If there are no significant complications for the entire conception’s duration, then it’s best to push through with a birth center delivery – it’s cheaper, natural and gives mommy, daddy and baby much more time together.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Being Healthy for Two: A Guide to Pregnancy Health

Basic Prenatal Care: A Safe Childbirth in a Spartanburg Birth Center

Every expecting mother in Spartanburg desires to give birth to a healthy baby and to remain healthy herself following the labor to secure the baby’s growth. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy pregnancy is simple, and virtually all possible tips have already been published in books and online. All it takes is the determination to put those tips into practice throughout the prenatal period. Here’s a reminder of the basic prenatal care for expecting mothers.

During pregnancy, the mother is expected to be more careful in choosing the food she eats. The temperature and processing of her meals must always be kept in check, or else they might cause more harm to the baby’s health than good despite their nutrients. For instance, unpasteurized dairy products and inadequately heated meat can lead to bacteria or parasitic infection.

Proper nutrition has to be paired with regular exercise. This improves blood circulation, which allows the child to absorb much needed nutrients. Keeping this routine for nine months will reduce any risk of complication during childbirth. Most Spartanburg midwifery specialists recommend combining simple workout regimen with balanced diet containing protein- and iron-rich food, Vitamin C, calcium, etc.

Choosing to bear a child should come with the decision to give up some bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. It’s a known fact that these habits can lead to some serious complications, including miscarriage, premature labor and delivery, and abnormal growth. Therefore, it helps to eliminate any form of vice that poses health risks even before the start of the prenatal period.

The entire pregnancy should be monitored by a skilled obstetrician/gynecologist. This professional will help the mother cope with the physical and psychological challenges that come with pregnancy and help her every step of the way to give birth to a health child. She will recommend the right Spartanburg birth center where the mother can safely and successfully deliver.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Ready to Give Birth

Preparing for Your Labor and Delivery in a Spartanburg Birth Center

Despite all the thorough preparations couples do for a childbirth, the labor and delivery experience usually ends up intense. A mixture of powerful emotions starts to swathe the porches of hospitals in Spartanburg and Greenville whenever an expecting mother is in labor. This is actually normal as birthing is a painful yet fulfilling experience. However, a simple mistake due to lack of preparation can lead to complications that a couple might regret for the rest of their lives.

How, then, do you prepare for labor and delivery? While this phase of the entire pregnancy normally takes less than a day to finish, preparing for it may involve some overwhelming tasks. Aside from keeping healthy practices in check throughout the prenatal period, you should start planning how the delivery should go. Consult your practitioner for options basing on your condition. Prenatal appointments are crucial as they help your practitioner monitor your health.

Decide where you want to give birth. A recognized Spartanburg birth center can be ideal if you want to be handled only by medical experts specializing in pregnancy and childbirth. This will increase your confidence on the result of the delivery. The facilities in a child birth center offer just the right environment for childbirth and they are fortified with the necessary equipment that can aid in the delivery should complications occur.

If you’ve been performing the regular exercise recommended by your doctor, particularly the Kegel exercises, you have a greater chance for safe and less strenuous delivery. This exercise will strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, preventing trauma in the abdominal area of your body.

Increase your knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, including your understanding of the signs that the baby is about to come out. Also, knowing what to expect during a typical labor will reduce your anxiety over the discomfort you will be experiencing. Less anxiety leads to normal birthing, and is therefore vital in the entire labor and delivery process in a Greenville birth center.