Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why You Should Consider Water Birth

We all know the calming effects of a nice warm bath at the end of the day. Imagine being able to get the same positive effects during childbirth with the experience provided by a Spartanburg birth center.

Water birth is an alternative birthing method seeing increasing popularity in recent years. It involves immersing the mother in a birthing pool filled with warm water. The mother may remain immersed right until the baby is born or they can remain in the water through the labor and get out for the delivery.

Mothers who have opted for this method of childbirth often report such a positive experience that they would make the same choice in the future. So what makes water birth preferable to traditional methods?

Being immersed in warm water helps to make the mother feel more relaxed and at ease. This calm state   helps to keep the mother's breathing and blood pressure under control. It also increases the production of pain-inhibiting endorphins. This natural reaction to being in a safe and calming environment reduces the need for drugs and other interventions.

Floating freely in the birthing pool gives freedom of movement for the mother as she goes through the motions of childbirth. The buoyancy allows ease of repositioning so the mother is able to find the most comfortable position for her and the baby. In addition, the flow of warm water improves uterine contractions as well as blood circulation.

By providing a natural environment similar to that of the womb, water birth is able to provide a comfortable birthing experience in Spartanburg. Birth center, hospital, or home, water birth can be done in any location. A baby's transition from the safety of the mother's womb to the outside world should be as easy and painless as possible making water birth a safe and comfortable option.