Friday, September 5, 2014

Birth Center or Hospital: Which One to Choose?

From the moment a woman realizes she’s pregnant, she has, more often than not, already decided where she would be welcoming her baby. Traditionally, more mothers are bound to choose a hospital, but options like an accredited birth centers are becoming more popular today. Both establishments have their pros and cons and for something as special as the birth of a child, making an informed decision the only way to go.

A Traditional Hospital Birth

Most parents are more comfortable in a hospital setting. The access to emergency medical care is
easy and an epidural is readily available when needed. It is also common to have a nurse with the mother through most of the labor, while the obstetrician comes in when delivery time comes closer. The downside to a hospital birth, however, is the impersonal interaction with the staff. Most mothers are forced to comply with strict rules and policies, which makes it intimidating and uncomfortable.

A Birth Center Delivery

A birth center is an alternative for parents who want a home-like environment for childbirth instead of a hospital. Places like the Spartanburg Birth Center offer tranquility and comfort while still providing quality mother and child care. A birth center is also less expensive than a hospital. It is important to note that mothers should have an uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancy because some birth centers are not equipped with an operating room for emergency care.

It takes careful consideration and planning before choosing a birthing place. Always have yourself, your comfort zone, and your baby in mind. Remember, an informed decision is the best decision.