Thursday, April 3, 2014

Considerations before Securing Midwifery Assistance in Spartanburg

While obstetrician-gynecologists are usually the people to see whenever a baby is nearing due, do not forget that an aptly skilled and experienced midwife can also provide relevant health care to an expectant mother during her childbirth – especially if the delivery is planned to be at a birthing center or home setting. Mothers who’ve had no significant complications during their entire pregnancy often opt for a home birthing since it is cheaper, more natural and allows for more time to spend with their babies once they have delivered.

However, hiring either a freelance or a birth center-affiliated midwife needs considerations beforehand. For freelancers, it is important to interview a prospect to gauge if she would be a proper fit. Questions can range from her personal life, educational background and relevant experience – pretty much like conducting a job interview on a new applicant.

It is a different situation for an affiliated midwife. Any reputable birth center in Spartanburg and other areas have in-house midwives with adequate training and experience under their belts. Usually, while consulting a center’s services, they will ask couples to choose from their roster. Interviews ensue to make sure that either one of their choices would suit their needs once the baby is due, much like the process for selecting a freelancer.

Next, it’s time for money talk – in this case, service fees. Always expect that a freelance practitioner or someone affiliated with those like Spartanburg’s midwifery and birth centers charge lower fees than a hospital-based physician. The nationwide average flat-fee for midwives range from $1,500 to $5,000. In addition, freelancers charge less than birth-center affiliated practitioners. Deals are often closed thru a signed contract.

Remember that hiring a midwife doesn’t necessarily compromise a mother and her child’s safety. Midwives are licensed professionals trained about the rigors and ways of childbirth, and always be assured that the experts they are, they will churn out efficient service 9.5 times out of 10.