Thursday, May 15, 2014

What to Expect When You're Expecting... to Give Birth in a Birth Center

Despite all its known advantages, there would still be moms or couples that couldn’t bear the prospect of giving birth in a hospital. Sometimes, it would even be looked at as a place reserved for sick people, which can ruin the mood of the momentous occasion of childbirth. However, delivering a baby at home may not be so appealing either; the lack of professional health care can lead to increased risks.

So, where do picky moms go from here? The answer is simple: a birth center. Cozier and more relaxed than a hospital setting but not lacking adequate health care facilities, the birth center is a great choice for expectant mothers who have undergone fairly healthy pregnancies.

What to Expect From a Birth Center-Based Childbirth

For hopeful couples living in bustling cities like Spartanburg, a birth center is their best bet if they’re looking for an “in-between” child delivery. Designed to be less restrictive and cheaper than hospitals, birth centers do not compromise healthcare quality. Licensed physicians, midwives and/or nurses are all available to tend to Mommy and baby at a moment’s notice.

Generally, only women with low-risk pregnancies are admitted into a birth center in cities like Spartanburg, with midwifery a readily-accessible healthcare option (if a physician or nurse isn’t available). Healthy pregnancies often result in smooth childbirth, and if such an event occurs, the family is allowed to go home shortly–maybe even a few hours–after delivery. They can stay longer, too, if they would like to rest for a bit.

Immediate medical assistance is available if needed, but only for minor concerns. After all, while birth centers can offer a choice of transfer to a hospital, they’re mainly about happy, smooth deliveries, not to mention sending the family home to be with each other from day one. In the end, minimal birthing complications and a happier day is what everyone aims for, right?

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