Thursday, November 6, 2014

Comfort Measures for Labor

Pain is perhaps one of the most frightening things about natural labor and childbirth. You simply can’t escape it. Using different comfort measures during the labor phase is a must. These measures may not be enough to take all the pain away, but they can help manage and minimize it so you can carry on with the whole childbirth process without medication. 

Types of Comfort Measures

First, gather tools that will make you comfortable. Put them together in a small bag for easy access. For instance, take with you a tea that you enjoy most, your favorite pillow or book, or maybe a scented candle that will make you feel at ease. Bring with you these things to help you relax during labor. Secondly, learn labor positions. Combine them and also be flexible because your baby also changes position as time goes by. Be familiar with the different positions as particular movements can be used to ease particular pains. Lastly, find an effective support group. Find a dedicated birthing center with a team that understands the beauty and challenges of natural childbirth. Orient your husband and learn about natural birthing comfort measures together. Nothing is as effective as a tight grasp and encouraging and loving words from your husband.

Natural childbirth will hurt. Labor will be tough. But as your pain level goes up a notch higher as your baby comes, you will surely see the beauty of it all. There must be a good reason why pain is a given element in this phenomenon. There are more comfort measures that are available. If you need to know more about them, you can simply ask for suggestions from the committed midwives at the Spartanburg birth center. Just as our name stands, we encourage you to acknowledge this labor of love, but rest assured that we are all in this together.

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