Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Wonders of Hiring a Doula

Being a mother is an experience that is incomparable to anything in a person’s lifetime. To be a person who brings life and new beginnings in this world. As a mother, you want to make this journey to be as safe, fun, enjoyable, and memorable to you and to the people around you. Luckily, there are services and institutions that can give you assistance and help while going through the motherhood journey. One of these is a doula.

The Concept of a Doula

A doula by definition is a trained labor coach who give assistance throughout your pregnancy, giving birth, and even after giving birth. Emotional support and assistance on other non-medical aspects of caring for you and your child is what a doula is all about.

Doulas should not be mistaken as the same as midwives because unlike midwives, doulas are not medical professionals and do not deliver babies. The only thing that they do is to give emotional and physical support to women.


What You Can Get from Hiring a Doula

Having a doula with you all throughout your pregnancy journey can be very beneficial in many ways. One of them is that your doctor might be grateful for the doula’s help. Not only does the doula assist you in your pregnancy, it also helps the doctor in keeping you healthy from being pregnant to giving labor. Another one is that you can have your doula as an information source. Asking a doctor about pregnancy may be difficult from some mothers. Doulas give emotional support and that’s why mothers can feel more comfortable in asking the doulas about advices and questions about pregnancy and giving birth.

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