Friday, January 2, 2015

Your Options in Natural Childbirth

Your birthing experience is greatly affected by all the decisions you make from the time you discover that you are pregnant down to the last stages of labor and recovery period. You have quite a few options on how to go about natural childbirth. These techniques have been used for ages and are proven to be successful for those who are allowed to undergo natural childbirth.


The Different Techniques

• The Alexander Technique

As pregnancy progresses, you begin to experience a lot of discomforts. There will be intermittent lower back pains, shortness of breath, and even balance and digestive problems. The Alexander Technique prepares your body for delivery. It comprises of proper ways on how to sit, stand, and move safely, easily, and efficiently. It enables you to breathe better, relax, and focus during birth, but it works best in opening the cervix during dilation to assist you in pushing the baby out.

• The Bradley Method

One of the most popular natural childbirth techniques is the Bradley Method. This method emphasizes the non-involvement of drugs throughout delivery. It primarily focuses on maintaining good nutrition, regular exercise, utilization of relaxation exercises, and the husband’s involvement as birthing coach.

• Lamaze

Basically, the Lamaze method is all about distraction. It aims to decrease your perception of pain and relieve discomforts. This includes controlled deep breathing exercises, concentration, massage, and labor control.

• Water Delivery

Water Delivery has gained popularity over the years for its calming effects. The water’s buoyancy helps in reducing the pressure and discomfort.

Childbirth is beautiful and to know that you can be in total control of the whole experience is even better. But it is important to consult your doctor before you decide on whatever birthing technique. The Spartanburg Midwifery team aims to help you achieve the birth experience that you desire. Call or visit us to know what works best for you, your baby, and your whole family.

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