Monday, January 19, 2015

Dad as Birthing Coach in Natural Childbirth

Though the overall experience of childbirth is beautiful, it can still be a distressful event for the mother. The mother in labor transforms into someone who has a bunch of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Each part of her body will hurt, and she will be impatient and nervous. In natural childbirth, it is very important for fathers to be there for their wives. If you are a doting husband, make sure that you are also a devoted father from the time your child is brought out to this world.

Daddy’s Cheat Sheet

1. Identify the beginning of labor. Learn to differentiate Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) from the real deal. When the bag of water breaks, observe the frequency and the time intervals of the contractions.

2. Find ways to distract your partner from the pain of the contractions. You can take a walk, watch a movie, or help her fall asleep. Make sure that she gets enough rest before the actual childbirth.

3. Do breathing exercises and various relaxation techniques with your partner during the first stage of labor. This is the time when the contractions become very intense. Coaching is very vital during this phase.

4. The second stage of labor is the actual childbirth. During this time, your job is to make sure that all your partner’s wishes are granted. For instance, if she wants to breastfeed, remind your midwife to hand the baby to your wife to latch. Also, this is the perfect time to document. Take pictures. Those memories will matter a lot to your wife.

5. The last stage of labor is the delivery of the placenta. In this phase, the mother may get chills and feel cold, so it’s advisable that you provide her with warmth. Hold your wife’s hand, or cover her with a blanket as you hold your baby near her. You can also ask the doctor if you can cut the cord to make the experience more unforgettable.

In natural childbirth, you are your wife’s best coach. You are her advocate. This role is vital for your partner to be comfortable and not feel neglected. It’s hard to watch a loved one endure such pain, but being there for her during this time helps take some load off her shoulders. Only you can give her the best encouragements and appreciation for doing something so wonderful for your family. If you need more lessons on how to be an effective birthing coach for your wife, visit the Spartanburg Birthing Center. Childbirth is always a delight, and it becomes more memorable once the experience is shared as a family.

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